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Our hideaway retractable fly screens are separated into Type CAT and ARCH. Both are made using the same mesh. There are two different components used for manufacturing the pleated mesh, polyester and polypropylene.

CAT retractable screen door is suitable for wide applications, such as covering alfresco areas, bifold doors and french doors without thresholds or steps. By adding numerous CAT retractable screen door panels, the screen system able to cover a distance of up to 9m on the one sliding guide.

As it only has a 2-3 mm height sliding guide above the surface, it will prevent tripping and is also wheelchair friendly.

ARCH retractable screen is suitable for single or double panel flyscreen door applications for casements and sliding systems, such as a single panel casement door or a double panel french opening door. It is well suitable for both new and existing sliding doors. The system allows us to cover up to 3.2m in width; but with consultation the system able to cover more then 5m.

CAT Retractable Screens

CAT1 Type Screen Door with Chain
CAT2 Type Screen Door with Chain

ARCH Retractable Screens

ARCH1 Type Retractable Screen
ARCH2 Type Retractable Screen